Interior panels SPORT TECH

CFA carbon
This set of interior details is made using the author, multi -stage combined technology, which combines pressed carbon and plastic
The use of this technology allows you to get a full -fledged part of the carbon with a complex structure of the part -time part, similar to the original fastener of the factory detail of your car.
Таким образом для изготовления наборов салонных панелей, ваши штатные панели нам не требуются
Отличительной особенностью данной технологии является более высокое качество карбона, а это:
-пожизненная гарантия качества продукции
-стабильная и качественно The flat surface of each part (no waves as in the factory design of the salon panels)
-the flattened type of carbon fibers is obtained due to the fact that the carbon is pressed with a small content of the binder, which actually gives it the above advantages

A similar technology uses only Mercedes from the plant in the AMG GT Roadster model

*all parts are installed in different ways, some involve latches, and some are installed on glue (alternative to the factory ration of plastic)

*To obtain a detailed instructions for a high -quality installation of these parts, please contact us using WhatsApp, we will advise you