Rear diffuser CARBON ARROW

CFA carbon


  • is installed according to the model of the standard diffuser, for latches and Randies
  • It will also need to remove the rear bumper for the installation of the wiring under the additional stop signal
  • for color (fiberglass)-parts in the ground prepared for color 
  • Carbon Light (Carbon + Fiberglass) - a reduced version of the product, with the same appearance of carbonate
  • Carbon full (Carbon) - the easiest, strongest and easiest and easiest At the same time, an expensive version of the product


The cost of installing the part is 5% of the cost of each part

and 3% of the cost if the part is more expensive than 250,000 rubles


The manufacturer's guarantee for CFA products is 5 years. </ P> p Style = "Text-align: Left;"> This guarantee applies to any production defects that can occur in addition to conventional wear.

will be made A new part or an alternative if the goods are discontinued. To get detailed information about the guarantee, follow the link. “Warranty”


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