Hood Vorsteiner

CFA carbon
Putting the boundaries. Presenting the GTS-V series. If you recall 2005, then the E92 M3 model has always occupied the central place in the Vorsteiner product line. 18 years have passed, and we changed three generations of the M3/M4 to the current G8X generation. The release of G8X M3 and M4 was accompanied by a clear change in style, and opinions on this subject were divided, so we returned to our roots.

Thus, the long-awaited third generation of the Vorsteiner GTS-V carbon-plate line is now officially represented for BMW platforms M3 and M4.

M3 /M4 GTS-V series is the latest achievements in the field of high operational characteristics, design and production, focusing on maximizing cooling efficiency, improving the dynamics of air flows while reducing the mass.

A new double -sided hood made of carbon fiber with pre -one autoclave processing contains 4 ventilation holes for the removal of heat from a motor compartment with forced induction and maintaining the cold passage of turbochargers.

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lwh: 1770x1600x300 mm