CFA carbon
The hood from the design of the Super Jet set designed by our company specifically for the BMW M5
The hood, in addition to more outstanding forms, has ventilation holes in the style of Zhaber on both sides of the center of the hood
also in the hood structure provides for drainage panels that will protect the electronics and other vulnerable units from water from washing, rain or snow
these panels are attached to quick -seated clips and, if necessary, are dismantled for 5 minutes
Thus, having removed the panels you get the best cooling of the engineering space, behind The account of the larger throughput of the holes in the hood that takes the heat

*The performance for the color is supplied in the following form:
-top side of the hood is covered with soil (gills can be left with species carbon /> -ds are made in a species carbon and covered with matte varnish

*To obtain a detailed instructions for a high -quality installation of these parts, please contact us using WhatsApp, we will advise you

lwh: 1800x1600x300 mm