CFA carbon
Hood from the MEGALODON design kit developed by our company especially for BMW Xm series
The hood besides the prominent hump has gill style vents on both sides of the center of the hood
The hood also includes a water drainage panel to protect the electronics and other vulnerable components from being exposed to water from washing, rain or snow
The Drain Cover is fastened with quick release clips and can be removed in 5 minutes if needed.
By removing the panel you get better under-hood cooling due to the better permeability of the holes in the hood which conduct heat away

*The FOLLOW-UP version is supplied in the following form:
-the front side of the hood is coated with primer (the gills can be left with the species carbon if desired)
-side is made in species carbon and covered with matte varnish

*For detailed instructions on the quality installation of these parts, please contact us via WhatsApp, we will advise you

*SHIPPING is NOT INCLUDED in the price of the part and is calculated individually
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